Jiri to Mount Everest Base Camp

I would like to do the Jiri to Mount Everest Base Camp trek beginning in late March/early April. I will enter Eastern Nepal by land through Karkavitta, Jhapa District. The starting date for trekking is flexible..

The tentative plan is to do a combination of camping/staying in teahouses.

I am a fairly seasoned hiker, having done more hikes than I can count. I climbed Mt St Helens last summer in a day (elevation 2,550 m) and it was not so difficult.

I am not sure about hiring a guide as of yet (it depends on the experience of my hiking partner in combination with my own experience) and it is very unlikely I will hire a porter (my bag is only 12kg and can easily be reduced in weight) unless my hiking partner is set on it and would like to then we can easily share the cost(s).

If you would like to join and are a somewhat seasoned hiker shoot me a message. It would be cool to have an extra partner or two.



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  1. hi pls check your inbox

  2. Hello
    I am javed mountain ski guide.tara I would like to go everst base camp with you what will be the costs we will sher snd my baggage will be same as like you.
    many thanks
    javed reshi.

  3. i would love to join you.

  4. Hey i like to Start in Jiri as welk, I’m already in Kathmandu. Wehre are You now?