Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

After an amazing trekking in Manaslu and Tsum valley last year,,,now planning to visit the East side of Nepal….



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  1. Hi Alberto,
    Can you reply or PM me with more information on your proposed trek? I am also interested in trekking Kanchenjunga.

  2. H Alberto,

    I am interested in trekking Kanchenjunga as well. Can you provide more details?


  3. Hi Alberto,
    I am considering to trek Kanchenjunga. Can you please provide me more info about this trek?

  4. Hi Alberto,
    I am also planning to go to Kanchenjunga this year. I am an experienced , but slow trekker , so probably not suitable to travel with you. I am planning North and South Basecamp , and possibly over the Lumba Sumba La to finish in Taplejung. I will be travelling with my porter guide , mainly tea houses , but with a tent in reserve. I expect to be leaving Ktm a few days earlier than you.
    If nothing else , I wondered if you would be interested in co-operating to get permit (only issued to “groups”)?
    If not , I look forward to meeting you somewhere on the trail!

  5. Also Paul , Meril , and Stan! 🙂

    • Hi Andrew. Albeto posted this ad some time ago and then disappeared. I have since organized a small group for Kanchenjunga. We intend to begin October 15th range. I would suggest you get in contact with Meril, Stan and Klaus to see if you can put something together. Hope your plans work out, perhaps we will see you along the way. Cheers, Paul

    • Hi Andrew
      I am interested in Kanchenjunga north and South base camp trip . I have to finish by the 8 th of November. i am an experienced trekker but not fast. If you are interested let me know.

    • Thanks , Paul. Sounds like I am going to be a couple of weeks behind you , so it might need quite a lot of luck to tun into you, But we can hope!

      Hi Kavita,
      I will not arrive in Ktm before late October, so I am afraid I will be too late for you

  6. Hi Alberto
    I am also planning to go to Kanchenjunga .
    Please send me more information about your plans.

  7. Hi Alberto
    I am planning a similar trip in October. Can you send me more details of your plan. Cheers

  8. We (my wife and me) are interested. Tell me something more about.

  9. Andrew, I am set to hike kbcs starting on 21st. If you or anyone else can hike during this time please let me know. Cheers, j.c.

  10. Sorry , JC. I don’t arrive in Ktm until 27th

  11. Sorry Andrew I meant to put down nov. 21st. So I was just wondering if anyone wanted to go then, cheers j.c.