Kanchenjunga Region

The general plan is to explore the region around Yangma in the Kanchenjunga region. There are a bunch of passes and valleys one could hike to, with Yangma as the base. I’ve previously been to the Kanchenjunga North and South base camps.

Time frame: October, November 2019.
Route Possibilities:
1. Olangchungola – Yangma – Exploration around Yangma – Nango La – Ghunsa – North base camp – return.
2. Ghunsa – North base camp – Nango La – Yangma – Exploration around Yangma – Olangchungola.
2A. Either return from Olangchungola via the usual valley route.
2B. Trek west crossing Lumba Sumba pass



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  1. Hey OT,

    I’m interested in trekking this route as well. Has been on my mind for the past couple of years to be honest, and I’m very keen to do it this year. October is actually is the perfect time for me.

    I’d love to do the circuit (both base camps and the crossing over one of either Mirgin La or Lapsang La) AND go over the Lumba Samba La as well!

    I’m a quite experienced backpacker used to carrying my own pack. I’m comfortable hauling all my gear plus maximum 10 days of food. Over and above that I would need logistical support.

    I understand that the region mandates a group of two and a guide. So, it’d be great if we could plan for this as the year goes on. 🙂

  2. Hi I am interested