Langtang Valley Trek

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to do the Langtang trek on the 27th of August, preferably without a guide. My itinerary will follow what’s on, but I’m open to suggestions if you’d like to join for all or part of this short trek.

A bit about myself:

I’m 26 years old and currently studying in China. I hiked the complete Annapurna circuit earlier this summer and fell in love with this region. Time only permits me to go on this short trek, otherwise I would add on other treks to accompany this one. If you don’t have high altitude experience, it’s okay to join in!

Budget might change (higher or lower) once I find out how much food and shelter costs in this region.



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  1. hey marc are you still planning for this trek?i am a nepalese by nationality who is planning for this trekk

  2. Hi Marc, I am planning to go for a short trip to Langtang from 28th to 31st August (I am flying to KTM from India on 27th and out to Lhasa on Sept 2nd and would like to hike while my passport is waiting at Chinese embassy for all the permits). I was planing to just go until Thadepati and then back to KTM. I am thinking of renting a guide (which I will pay) – if you dont mind to have a guide for free? Reason is that I am female traveler and think its maybe better. But I am still undecided because of the Monsoon – what is your view? Will it be rainy with lots of leeches?