Manaslu and Tsum Valley

The itinerary should like something similar to the one shown below, only one day shorter (for example by combining two short hiking days to one)

Day 1:
Bhaktapur – Soti Khola (by jeep) 775m
Day 2:
Soti Khola – Machhakhola 900m
Day 3:
Macchakhola – Jagat 1300m
Day 4:
Jagat – Phillim 1590m
Day 5:
Phillim – Chumling 2360m
Day 6:
Chumling to Chhokangparo 3010m
Day 7:
Chhokangparo to Nile 3361m
Day 8:
Nile to Mu Gompa (3700m) and Chhokangparo 3361m
Day 9:
Gumba Lungdang to Lokpa 2240m
Day 10:
Lokpa to Ghap 2160m
Day 11:
Ghap to Lho 3180m
Day 12:
Lho to Samagaon 3580m
Day 13:
Day trip to Manaslu Base Camp 4400m
Day 14:
Samagaon to Samdo 3875m
Day 15:
Climb Samdo Ri or take a day trip to Tibet border 3875m
Day 16:
Samdo to Dharamsala 4460m
Day 17:
Dharamsala to Bimtang (via Larke Pass 5160m) 3590m
Day 18:
Bimthang to Tilije 2300m
Day 19:
Tilije to Tal 1700m
Day 20:
Tal to Bhaktapur



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