Manaslu Circuit Trek linking to Nar-Phu and Annapurna circuit – October 2017

I am 35 years old, from London, and planning a sabbatical from work. I would like to trek the Manaslu circuit from mid November and link up with the Nar-Phu trek and then join the Annapurna circuit from Nawal onwards. I trekked the Annapurna circuit in March 2017 and it would have been great to have spent longer in the Manang area doing side trips. After Nar-Phu, I would therefore plan to do side trips to Tilicho Lake (and also the Ice Lake from Bragha if possible) and then continue to the Thorung-La pass finishing at Jomsom.

I have a local friend who is a guide who I can ask to guide us but open to suggestions, plus we would need different permits.

Let me know if you are keen!


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  1. Hello Annie,
    I am Pranav from India and 23 years old.
    My plans were to do manaslu and annapurna trek. And guide is mandatory for manaslu. And i am too looking for a travel buddy since its not so popular route and your itinerary looks fine with me. Yes we need different permits. If you’re interested I would be in nepal by last week of september ( 30th).


    • Hi Pranav, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. That is great you would like to follow the same itinerary and your dates will suit me well. I know a guide who will help me on my trek in Mustang in late August and so I could check if he is available, or we could find another guide. Were you also keen to explore Nar Phu?

  2. Hi Pranav – just to say I need to change the dates of this trek….I will move the start to November.

  3. Hi Annie,

    My name is Fei, I’m a 30 years old guy from New York City. I’m taking a year off work to travel starting November 1st 2017. My plan is to spend 3 months minimum at Nepal. I definitely want to trek Mnaslu circuit, Annapurna region and Everest base camp. Like you, I would like to do more side trips to see more than just routine stuff also I will take tons of pictures on the way. I have done high altitude long treks before but I would like to have a trekking partner for Manaslu circuit. I’m flexible within reason on dates, guide (no porters, I would carry my own gear) and cost. Please let me know if you will want me to join you for the trek.



    • Dear Fei, that would be great for you to join! Regarding dates, I am planning to arrive in Kathmandu (from Tibet!) on 9th November, and so was thinking of 13th November as a rough start date, but I could do a day or two earlier. Someone else has expressed interest (Tim) and it looks like he would need to depart from Kathmandu on 12th November, so if he is still keen then we may need to fit in with that.

      I am friends with a guide called Suman Tamang, who I have trekked with before in the Langtang region in 2011 (when he was a porter), and I was going to email him today to ask if he could help out on this trek. I have worked out the following rough timings – 15 days for Manaslu (shorter than the guide book says on the basis we don’t need to return to an exit point), 7 days for Nar-Phu and 13 days for the Annapurna circuit from Nawal (where we would join from Nar-Phu), and this would take into account the Annapurna side trips I mentioned in my first post. Would that work for you?

    • HI Annie,

      Thank you so much for writing back to me. I don’t have a set dates yet (but i’m definitely going) so whenever you will arrive in Kathmandu I will just arrive about the same time. Since I have never been to Nepal therefore any trekking plans is cool with me. If Tim wants to join that’s fine with me too.

      Will you consider to do Annapurna Base Camp as part of the Annapurna Circuit (possibly extending the trip longer than 35 days? I want to optimize the trip and hit the base camp while I’m there. Of course I’m open to suggestions.

      I have no problem if you want to hire a guide, I will share the cost. Once you get in touch with Suman then we can manage the permits situation too.

      For now, I will do more research in the coming few months. Starting with a map.

      If you need to contact me I have whatapp 16464602146

      Looking forward to hear from you.



    • Hi Fei, I would also love to do the Annapurna Base Camp. We could try to squeeze it in but I was planning on returning home in time for Christmas, and my calculations suggest we may not quite have time after Annapurna circuit, if we start on the 12 November. I can’t start our trek much earlier though as I’m travelling into Nepal on the 9th….I also read that the end of the Annapurna circuit e.g. Marpha to Gharsa is a beautiful walk, and a section that a lot of people do in a jeep, so it might be a shame to rush past that. But I would be keen to try everything possible to visit ABC.

      Also just to say I’ve tried to start a WhatsApp group with you but my phone can’t seem to register your number – is there a country code I should add from the UK? I have tried various alternatives including 001 1 646 460 2146. Could you maybe try to add me? My number is +44(0)779 632 3862. Thanks!

  4. Hi Annie,

    My name is Tim and I live in Cambridgeshire, but don’t let that put you off. I have flights booked to/from Kathmandu for November/early December and am planning to spend 20 days trekking around Manaslu and Tsum Valley and wandering off on additional side trips as time allows. I need to start from Kathmandu on 12th November to maximise the number days in the mountains and would prefer to keep it simple and take the obligatory guide, but the daily trek expenses would be PAYG. This will be my 4th trek in Nepal and I have also trekked in the Andes, Pamirs and Karakorums, etc., so I know what to expect. An ex work colleague may accompany me, but it depends on his financial situation! I’m 52, easy going and can walk up and down mountains at a steady pace all day. If you are interested, then give me a shout. Tim

    • Hi Tim, that would be great for you to join!

      I have had interest from Fei from New York as well. Regarding dates, I am planning to arrive in Kathmandu (from Tibet!) on 9th November so I could do the 12th November as a start date from Kathmandu.

      Also I agree on keeping things simple – I am friends with a guide called Suman Tamang, who I have trekked with before in the Langtang region in 2011 (when he was a porter), and I was going to email him today to ask if he could help out on this trek. He’s a great guy and I’m sure you will like him. There’s a small chance I might enlist the help of a local friend to be a porter, but you wouldn’t need to have anything to do with that.

      In addition to the Manaslu circuit, I was also hoping to trek into Nar-Phu (7 days) and then complete the Annapurna circuit from Nawal for roughly 13 days (where we would join from Nar-Phu), and this would take into account the Annapurna side trips I mentioned in my first post. I think you might not have enough time for all this, plus you would like to go to the Tsum valley, but you could perhaps link up for the Manaslu portion?

    • Hi tim,no Cambridgeshire is great cycling country!…well as far as uk goes!
      id originally posted for manaslu on nov9,but your start date and tsum valley sounds great
      I need to be back to Kathmandu for dec7
      I’m flying in on oct10 and walking to Everest base camp,31 years on from my last time!
      I walked in 80s and 90s for 5 months in Nepal
      I’m an English(retired?-ive been wandering around in various mtns and bicycle for last 18mths-just back from GR54) physio
      I’m not a superfast walker-I have the capability,but get distracted by the views!
      just looking to share a guide and some decent evening conversation really
      your plan of20 days sounds ideal a sid like to continue up east side of Annapurna for a while

  5. Hi Annie,

    I’ve just returned from a few days walking in Snowdonia, just in case you were thinking I had disappeared! One of my main reasons for wanting to do the Manaslu Circuit is to hike in the Tsum Valley which has only been opened to trekkers since 2008, so I wouldn’t really want to pass it by. I would love to carry on to Nar-Phu, etc., but unfortunately, work will intervene, assuming I’m still employed in November, so 20 days is the maximum length I can manage, including travelling to and from KTM. There is plenty of time between now and November, so there is no real need to make too many decisions at this stage. If it works out that we are able to form a small group, then that would be fine, but if it does work out, then that would be fine too. By the way, I would hope to start from Soti Khola in preference to Arughat in order to avoid walking on the new road.

    • Thanks Tim, yes I completely understand. Also I think I am actually a bit in the dark about the Tsum Valley as I’ve just noticed it isn’t covered in the Lonely Planet, but I will research it. I think our timetables are slightly different, but it’s good to have connected all the same. Also that is a good tip regarding where to start the trip. Happy planning!

    • hi tim
      ijust replied on this thread ,but may have gone to annie
      all these half belg/eng-the best of both(beer)worlds!
      I’m walking to Everest base camp in oct but should be back in the kat by nov10
      nov12 start date sounds great

    • Hello Tim,

      A lot of time has elapsed since your last post and you may very well have changed plans, but I am arriving in Kathmandu on 3 Nov for five weeks and hoping to hike the Manaslu circuit with the Tsum Valley. I will go as far as Dharapani, where I plan to continue on the Annapurna circuit. I am 48 years old, a teacher in Rome, have hiked in Italy, Morocco, Ladakh, Jordan, the U.S. and lived 20 years ago in Cambridgeshire! If you still have plans to hike Manaslu and Tsum, let me know.


  6. Hi Annie,

    I was looking at your post and was wondering if you had already set final trekking plans.

    I’m 33 from Belgium, will spend 2 months in Nepal. I’d love to do Manaslu on a guide only trip, taking the time to enjoy scenery and side trips. I did Everest BC/Annapurna Circuit/BC, but feel the same as you: I wish I’d spent more time in Manang area (and did tilicho lake side trip).

    So that’d be awesome if I could join you. I’d just need to check the dates, because I’ll be in Nepal around Oct 15, and might have the opportunity to join a group going to Kanchenjunga, which would mean I’d be back in KTM around Nov 15, and could only start Manaslu the day after, with the obligation to be back around Dec 15.

    So just let know about your trip and if there is any opportunity for me to join you guys.

    Looking forward to speaking to you soon,

  7. Hi Kevin,

    I am also from Belgium but via London (I’m half British, half Belgian), haha! Just to let you know asap that I will probably postpone this trek to next April as my plans have changed slightly. I’m so sorry…..I hope you find a group to do this with. I will let you know if my plans change again….

  8. Hi Kevin, Tim, Annie , Fei,…
    I want to make also Manaslu, start mid-end of november

    I would be happy to share the cost of guides and permits.
    I not really need a guide or porter but if these are the restrictions…

    I opened my own thread here, so please have a look and write me back.

    Florian, 39, german

  9. Hi annie
    I’m planning on trekking manaslu in nov
    could you give me a contact email for your guide friend

    • Hey James I’m so sorry as
      I’ve just got back from a long trek so only just saw this.
      My plans have changed I’m so sorry (I tried to update my posting to say this but was obvs not
      clear enough), Someone else contacted me about doing this trek in November. Would you like me to put you two in touch?

  10. Hi Annie,

    is this thread still active? I am a brit living for the last 6 years in Germany and am planning a month (possibly more) in Nepal arriving around 4.11. I am keen to do as much walking as possible so your itinerary sounds really interesting for me.

    I have experience hiking in Ladakh and did the GR20 in Corsica a couple of years ago. I can hold a good pace, like nice early starts and will take some time to take nice photos.

    I would be interested in sharing a guide for Manaslu and could even be persuaded to extend me trip to join you for the whole route if your plan is still up to date.

    I hope you dont mind if I write to you on Whatsapp directly!


  11. How is this trip developing? 54 M UK. Done AC a few times recently, plus a few side trails and variations. I just (19th Oct) applied for a passport renewal so I would probably have to get a short notice flight to join this one if it came together, but who knows? My jabs and kit are all good to go and I can’t keep walking past Manaslu/Nar Phu. Has an itinerary been fixed?