Manaslu Circuit Trek

Starting around October 12 for a couple of weeks (11 days to be exact, +1-2 extra days).
Tour agent i am going to use is charging 450$ for all services per person (transportation, guide service, permits). For accommodations and food we pay by ourselves.



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  1. Hey!
    I am a 24 year old israeli, arriving at Kathmandu at the 13.10 and looking for a partner for the manslu circuit.

    I am traveling for two months now, and have been in Russia and Mongolia – currently in China.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Shalom, Lior!
      On my first trip to Nepal we trekked with a guy from Israel and two Canadians and that was one hilarious trip :))
      Anyway, the only issues so far i see with the dates. I actually wanted to change dates to 14 october and november 8, which would fit perfectly, but goddamn Flydubai has cheated me on booking and now i face a lot of extra money to pay if i am to change departure date and on top of that i can’t even finish my booking because their server gives me 500 error which is something they “work” on for about a month now.
      So for now i have booking from October 10 to November 2 and not confirmed November 8.
      I could have wait for you since October 10 till your arrival on 13th, but it means we would start on 15th and that means losing 5 days for me, and i want to finish Annapurna circuit again after Manaslu.
      So if maybe you can shift arrival dates to a earlier date or if i will be able to finally complete my booking and change dates we could do this trekking.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the quick reply! I am willing to start ASAP. I bought a low cost flight so it is not possible to change the dates. If you have some idea how we can make it possible i am Keen to hear 🙂

    • I arrive at noon, and have no problem to take bus / taxi right away.

    • I am planning to have a call to Russian Flydubai call center next week and finish booking in manual override 🙂 When i know more about the final dates, i will reply to you.
      I have trekked for four years in Nepal:
      2013 Annapurna Circuit
      2014 Annapurna Base Camp, Shivalay trek – Everest Base Camp (Gokyo, Gorak Shep, Chukhung), Langtang Trek
      2015 Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho and Annapurna Base Camp
      2016 Shivalaya trek – Everest Base Camp (Renjo La, Gokyo), Annapurna Circuit
      But i never used a guide and got all papers done myself 🙂 So i assume since we have to hire guide we need agency to do the papers for us. And i think they need our presence/papers. So i assume if you arrive on 13th there is a chance they will do papers on 14th only, and thus we start on 15th 🙁 Not sure it can be done prior to our arrival. Anyway, heading to Manaslu takes like the whole day of busing and jeeping and starting after lunch is not an option. Plus you need to buy stuff on your first day, change money and rest.

  3. Great. I have contacted a local guide, and i think it should be possible to get the papers done before we arrive.

    i guess it might be cheaper to find an agency there rather than contacting one via the internet — but i am not sure how much cheaper.

    It will be my first time in nepal, but i have experince trekking in israel, bulgaria, greece and monglia — and i am quite fit 🙂

    i understand what you are saying about driving to manslu, i hope you will have some luck with your flight 🙂

    • I know a guide that was with the other trekker, but he is driving me crazy with stupid questions, so i don’t want him. There is an agency next to a hotel i stay in Ktm, i can ask them, i just did not want to bother them until i have another trekker ’cause last year i was all over them with Mustang trekking 🙂 For cheapest guide we have to search over agencies in Ktm but it may not be the best idea. i recently read report about the young guides-porters that were cheap, always lying to customers (not willing to cross the pass), refusing to take luggage and so on