Manaslu Circuit Trek

Looking for trekkers who are game to do Manaslu in May of 2018! We’ll start May 14, 2018 and complete the circuit in 12 days.



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  1. sound Great !
    yes you can do it in 12 days
    My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai , I am a profetional Trekking guide if you need further information please contact me via Thank you !

  2. Hi Amber, Rob here a professional guide in the Annapurna region, now looking for an opportunity to trek Manaslu Circuit at just nominal wages. Have had lots of guest from USA who returned with a big smile on their face.

  3. I am doing trek at that time. I need someone to share the permit with as min of 2 people. I have a guide. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing the permit. we dont have to actually share the trek!

  4. Hi Jackie, I am ready to start (get permits etc.) after Mar/12, coming from Pokhara back to ktm. So if you ate still looking for partners(s) for manaslu – I could be it ( did Everest bc two years ago, feel still fit). Do you have contacted/decided a guide for arranging permits?

  5. Ahm sorry, I mean Amber…. (not Jackie)