Manaslu Circuit Trek

I’ll arrive in Katmandou on the 25th october and would like to begin the Manaslu circuit in the following days. So I’m looking for an other trekker in order to get the permit and share the guide’s cost.



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  1. Dear Guy, I am currently in Kathmandu and have recently completed a trek. I was going to travel to Tibet next, but I need to change my plans as they have closed the country. Are your plans still the same? I would very much like to do the around Manaslu trek and it would be great if we can join up.

    • Hello Annie,

      I don’t know if you managed to set something up for Manaslu, but I am flying into Kathmandu on 3rd November and hoping to find other people to share an independent trek including Tsum Valley. I am American/British, 48 years old, teacher in Rome. Hiking experience in Italy, Morocco, Jordan, Ladakh. I don’t know if you are flexible enough to wait until the 5th, so I can get permits.

      Best, Paul

  2. Hey Guy and Annie!

    Have either of you sorted any plans for manaslu? I’d be keen to join, and I can be flexible on dates. I’m currently in KTM and looking to do a hike in the meantime perhaps. Let me know if you would like to join forces, or if you have anything planned!


  3. Hi Guy, Annie and Alexis.
    I will arrive in Kathmandu on Oct26 and plan to trek the Manaslu Circuit followed by Annapurna Circuit with guide only. I would be open to join a group to share guide costs for Manaslu section

    • Hi Alan, I’m with Guy at the moment in Kathmandu, and we are visiting some agencies to ask about price for the Manaslu Circuit. We would be very happy for you to join us. I will message you privately on here to ask for your direct email address as that might be easier.