Manaslu Circuit Trek

I’m thinking of 7 days of adventure around the Manaslu mountain starting from 21th October from Kathmandu. Tsum could be added midway and made 11 days trek.
So, I’m looking for anyone who wants to join and can walk at a pretty descent speed and has some prior trekking experience.
On a as cheap as possible budget but one can do their own thing even when walking together.
As of now its a solo thing . I’d love to share the experience though if anyone’s interested at that pace.



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  1. I am interested in doing manaslu circuit immediately after dashain tika bro, but is it doable in 10 days? I have some prior trekking experiences and also am planning to do it solo.

    • Yeah! Manaslu Circuit can be completed in just 9 days.

  2. Sunil bro yes it can be done if you can walk at a good pace. BTW when are you going?? Are you going solo??

    • Yes I am planning solo 2 days after Dashain Tika. Are you still up for this trekking?

  3. Yes dwadasi ma suru garne ma fix.

    • Solo or Team?

  4. Im going solo.

    • Cool bro, may be we could catch up on our way.

    • Btw, do native nepaleses need permit like foreigners?

  5. Sure bro. Hope to see you on the way.
    No Nepalese don’t need any permit.
    Haha hami ta yo jungle ko bagh po hum ta.

    • Sahi ho Kush bro, do you mind sharing your itinerary for the trek. i will try to take the same route if possible. Just bought a 55 ltr bag from thamel 🙂 and i am really confused what to pack and what not.

  6. Haha bro chor sarkarle hijo bata naya permit rate lyayecha hai. Nepali lai ni 100 rs lagcha aba. Source

    Mero plan chai esto cha:
    Day 1 – ktm to arughat to sotikhola(bus) to khursani danda
    day 2- khursani danda to phillim
    day 3- phillim to ripche(Tsum tira)
    day 4 Ripche to Mu gompa
    day 5-Mu gompa to lhokpa(back on manaslu circuit)
    day 6 lokhpa to Bhanzam
    Day7: Bhanzam to Samagaun
    Day 8: go to MBC and birendratal and forward to Samdo
    Day8: Samdo to Dharmashala to Bhimtang via larkya la
    Day9: Bhimtang to Dharapani to Besisahar
    Day 9 :night bus to ktm

    I think first dayma bus/jeep delay nabhai sarara jaana paiyo bhane this is possible. Alik alik kam pace ma gaiyo bhane pani. I guess Day 11 ma besisahar aaipugna majjale possible.

    • Thanks for sharing bro, much appreciated. Lutera sarkar le aba yeta bata ni lutna suru garechha.

  7. Hello Kush , malai ko Nepali Hali Hali auncha. Hoon Mumbai Ko ho .

    • Good to know buddy. Cheers. 🙂

  8. Sad update: I’m down with viral URTI and it seems all my plans are going down. 🙁 🙁

    • Hell No…☹️, I thought we would definitely catch up man, We could start 4-5 days later than planned, if time isn’t an issue for you. By then you’ll prolly get well. I also can’t seem to escape work and will have to start 4-5 days late. Take care bro and Get well soon.

  9. I would love to join you for this trek if possible. Please reply and we can exchange contacts. 🙂

    • Srijan bro, when are you planing on starting?

    • Anytime starting from 21st Oct is good for me.

  10. Bro, DM me your contact numbers bro, i will contact you before 25th october. Something important came up and i won’t be able to start tomorrow. I might start before 25 but will let you know for sure before starting, If you are willing to wait. 🙂