Manaslu Circuit Trek

I’m thinking of 9 days of adventure around the Manaslu mountain starting from 20th October from Kathmandu. Can delay start for 1-2 days. Tsum could be added midway.
Proposed trek of 9 days. Could be 10 not 11 though, 7 wouldn’t surprise. So, I’m looking for anyone who wants to join and can walk at a pretty descent speed and has some prior trekking experience.
On a as cheap as possible budget but one can do their own thing even when walking together.
As of now its a solo thing but there might be 1/2 more guys to join who are very uncertain to join. I’d love to share the experience though if anyone’s interested at that pace.



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  1. I am interested in doing manaslu circuit immediately after dashain tika bro, but is it doable in 10 days? I have some prior trekking experiences and also am planning to do it solo.

    • Yeah! Manaslu Circuit can be completed in just 9 days.