Manaslu Circuit Trek

Returning to Nepal in April/May to do the Manaslu Circuit before heading to the Everest region for the three passes.
I have already done this trek 12 months ago and are very familiar with it already. Plan is to do it in 14 days including acclimatisation at Samaguan (3400m). Days 1 and 14 are drive days so 12 days of actual trekking. I will be going with my Sherpa friend as a guide who has guided me before.
Could probably do it unguided but I like the idea of a bit more company and someone who knows the terrain, the language and the lodges everywhere.
I am looking for a couple more people to join. me on this trek and share the cost of our guide.



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  1. Hi Harley,

    I am looking to do this same trek during a similar time frame. I have never been to Nepal, but love to hike. I am from the USA and am currently backpacking NZ at the moment. Let me know if you are still looking for others tot join your trek.


    • Hey Shannon, yeah I’d be keen to trek together if the dates line up. Don’t think it’s an issue having never been to Nepal, I was in that situation 12 months ago and prepared by doing a couple of treks in NZ too. Only real difference is the altitude which affects everyone differently. It’s an amazing trek!