Manaslu Circuit Trek


Me and three other people from Holland will start the Manaslu Circuit Trek on the 15th of march. Guide and porters are already arranged. We are looking for more partners, because it’s simply more fun. Wanna join? Let me know.

greetings Sander



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  1. Hey! I’m looking to do Manaslu and Tsum starting from the 17th or 18th. If you this fits your plans, let me know!

  2. *If this fits your plans…autocorrect.

  3. Hi Emile,

    actually we are starting the trek on the 17th. But we are not doing the Tsum Valley detour. But you’re welcome to join.

  4. Hi Sander,

    I also want to do the Manaslu trek! When do you think you will fly out of Kathmandu, around April 2?

    • Hi Julia,

      We plan to end the trek march 31, afterwards some of the group are going to Pokhara, some back to Kathmandu. So april 1 back in KTM for sure.

  5. I would be ready to go after after 12.March, coming from Pokhara, if necessary meeting you in Ktm. How/when would you arrange permits? I think you need an official agency?

  6. Hi Martin,

    It’s my little trekking agency that organizes this trip. Everything is arranged: permits, local guide, porters, sleeping in KTM and on the trek, food, transportation, etcetera. To arrange your permit you (and your passport need to be in KTM). If you’re interested email me at

  7. My plans won’t work out, have fun on your trek!

    • Okay, good luck on your further plans!