Manaslu Circuit Trek (+Tsum Valley)

Hi, I and a friend of mine (I am 32 and he is 22, both French) are planning a 22 day trip in Nepal (we already booked our flight arriving in Katmandu on April 30th and Leaving May 21st). We identified good agency and are planning to do Manalsu Trek + Tsum Valley, the trip is more or less 3 days in Katmandu, around 6 in the Tsum Valley and the rest on Manaslu circuit (with 1 aclimatation day). The trip should be around 1000€ including porter and all accommodation and transport. We want to explore these areas cause this is the perfect mix between wild adventure, local culture, more remote paths and wonderful views with various climate. We are looking for like minded people to join us as the more the more fun 🙂



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