Manaslu Circuit Trek with tsumvalley

Hello Namaste to everyone
i am doing a manaslu circuit trekking in coming mayfor 23 days with my Group.
Manaslu Circuit Trek offers fabulous beauty along the border of Nepal and Tibet. It is now a restricted trekking route for which trekkers should obtain a special permit from the government registered trekking agency of Nepal to get entrance in this region. Only then, you can have the chance to venture around its magnificent circuit.This trekking has a unique surrounding that is exceptionally rich in its bio-diversity, which has make it popular as the tourist destinations for several years. All the features of this region including natural scenery, high glacier lakes, fascinating flora and fauna and majestic Himalayan ranges have made it one of the best places of Nepal.
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Tsum valley and Manaslu circuit trek

Day to day itinerary
Day 1: Kathmandu to barpak 1900m
Day 2: barpal to laprakt2100m; [3,181 feet] 6 hours trekking,
Day 3: laprak to khoralabesi (800m)
Day 4: khorlabeshi to Jagat 1340m; [4,438feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 5: Jagat to Lopka 2240m [7000 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 6: Lopka to Chumling 2386m [7850 feet] 4ours trekking
Day 7: Chumling to Chekamar 3031m [9750 feet] 5 hours trekking
Day 8: Chekampar to Nile 3361m [11050 feet] 5 hours trekking
Day 9: Nile to Mu gumba 3709m [12250 feet] 3 hours trekking
Day 10: Mu gumba to Chekampar 3031m [9750 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 11: Chekampar to Gumba Lungdung 3200m [10750 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 12: Gumba lundung to Ripchet 2470m [8000 feet] 4 hours trekking
Day 13: Ripchet to Deng 1800m [6101 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 14: Deng to Ghap 2160m [7085 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 15: Ghap to Lho 3180m [10,171 feet] 6 hours trekking
Day 16: Lho to Samagaon 3520m [11,483 feet] 4 hours trekking
Day 17: Acclimatization day in Sama (Here you may explore Pungen Gumba; 5 hours or Manslu Base camp6 hours hiking)
Day 18: Samagaon to Samdo 3850m [12,467 feet] 4 hours trekking
Day 19: Samdo to Dharmasala 4460m [14,633 feet] 4 hours trekking (limited available lodges)
Day 20: Dharamsala to Bhimtang 3590m [11775 feet](Need to wake up early for Larkya 5160m pass and descend down until reach Bimtang) [12,139 feet]; 10 hours trekking
Day 21: Bimtang to Tilje 2300m [7,290 feet]; 6 hours trekking
Day 22: Tilje to Chamche [4,665 feet]; 6 hours trekking
Day 23: Chamje via Besishar to kathmandu 9 hours driving



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