Mohare Danda

Hi there!

I’m planning a solo trip to Nepal during the last half of May (14-28). It will be my first time in the country. I’m looking for a small group (2-3 additional people) to join me on a short trek (5-7 days). Ideally, I want to do Mohare Danda, which is a less crowded trek that shares similar views with Poon Hill. From what I’ve read, it includes fewer teahouses, more village guesthouses, and more time walking through forests. It should take around 5 days. My start and end days are flexible, though I would prefer to go closer to the end of my trip. I would probably like to hire a guide (from what I’ve heard, this trek has less obvious trail markers). I am also open to doing a different short trek if there is a better option.

Here’s a TripAdvisor report with a sample itinerary:

The listed budget is a total estimate, but I’m guessing if we split a guide, this will not be an overly expensive short trek.



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  1. Hi Zoey, not sure how far you are with your plan for your trek in Nepal! I’m Mel, a postgrad student from the UK and am coming to visit my sister in Kathmandu. I want to go a on a week long trek around the Kathmandu valley area while I’m there, and my dates seem to match yours exactly! I’ve been in contact with a few guide companies, and the budget seems to be around $300 with permits etc. Let me know if you would be interested in joining forces 🙂 Hope you are having the best time so far! Mel

    • Hello!

      Sorry for my extremely late reply, Mel! It looks like your message went to my spam folder instead of my main inbox? Are you still in Kathmandu (or Pokhara)? I’m in KTM today, and I leave for Pokhara tomorrow. If you’re around, I’d love to meet up! If you’ve already left for your trek, I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Hey Zoey and Melanie! I would love to join for a short trek around this time! I am currently in Kathmandu and have to be back here again on the 27th. I don’t insist on a guide but would be willing to split the costs of course. I hope you read this 0:-) you can find me on Facebook: Anne van der Klift.

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for the message. Are you staying in Thamel? I’m leaving for Pokhara tomorrow, but if you’re around I’d love to grab coffee or something and talk about the trek! Are you planning on going on to Pokhara? Feel free to text at : 1-612-805-5044.

  3. Omg just seeing this as I arrive in Kathmandu haha! Would love to meet up with you all! Was just about to go into town to find a guide for either langtang trek or Annapurna 🙂

    Can’t leave tomorrow, as I just arrived hehe! Anyone up for a Friday departure ? Contact me, Mel singh on Facebook 🙂

    Anne will add you on Facebook 🙂 and maybe we can meet tomorrow 🙂

    • Wow great timing haha! Are you staying in Thamel? I already booked my Pokhara ticket, so I’ll be headed that way tomorrow. I’ll be in Pokhara for a full day before the trek, and I plan to start trekking on the 20th. I actually don’t have Facebook (I deactivated it….too much negativity haha! But I do have instagram: zoey.slater). Let me know if you’ll be in Pokhara and are interested in the trek!

  4. Hi all! This is great! Zoey, are you going to do Mohare Danda or a different trek? I wasn’t planning on going to Pokhara, but it might be necessary to get to the starting point? And I don’t have any permits yet so would have to do that tomorrow as well I think. Did you hire a guide yet?

    Would be perfect if we could make something work! 😀

    • I am doing Mohare Danda, and I hired a guide! She’s a female trekking guide named Kamala Pun (she has an active Facebook under “adventure girl Nepal”). I don’t think you actually need a permit for this trek!