Nar-Phu and Upper Mustang-Tiji festival

An extended trek is planned incorporating the Nar-Phu Valley, a section of the Annapurna Circuit over Throung La and then to Muktinath where the trek northward to Upper Mustang will begin. Start trek date will be early May beginning at either Besi Sahar, or Koto to cut off a couple days. Pace will be adjusted to arrive in Lo Manthang for the Tiji Festival on May 22-24.
This will be a tea-house trek with the mandatory Guide. Unfortunately it will not be cheap as the trek permits alone run $605 per person.
If this sounds interesting, post a message and I can share more details.



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  1. Hi Paul.

    Sounds great. Did send you a message regarding this. Up for the trek and am aware of the the costs.

    Regards, JJ Viljoen

  2. A fascinating route that I can never forget.

    Happy to help you guys for any kind of info on this route, guides and permits.

    • Thanks Ajay, I think we are good for now.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Very interested to hear more about your plans! You looking at getting a guide just end-end or just for the restricted areas? Porter also? Im available for the month of May and very keen to combine Nar Phu – Annapurna – Mustang! My pace would be on the slow/moderate side, but find I’m an energiser battery and can just keep going (i.e.; i don’t mind trekking alone/behind and playing catch up) 😉

    Look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Alison
      Thanks for posting. Nar-Phu is a restricted area as well so we will keep the guide from Besi Sahar to Jomson. Split three ways the cost will be manageable. Lory, the other confirmed trekker, will probably use a porter. Unless someone over packs, a porter can typically carry the gear of two trekkers. Pace will be slow to moderate to enjoy the experience though there will be a couple strenuous days getting over passes.
      This will be my fourth trip to Nepal and Lory’s first. We are both seasoned travellers, easy going and non judgmental. Definitely want to keep the group to a maximum of four trekkers.
      Hope this provided a little more background of the proposed trek. Let me know if you have additional questions. Best regards, Paul

  4. Hi Paul,

    Your plans sound ideal. Hoping to be able to combine Annapurna with upper mustang in time for Tiji festival. Are your plans finalised now or might you have room for one more easy going explorer?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Since posting the original trek we have added two additional trekkers which puts us at maximum size. I hope you can team up with others to visit these fascinating areas of Nepal.