Hi there everyone,

Planning a trip to Nepal and the EBC (maybe gokyo lakes as well). I’m a 27 y/o girl from the Netherlands looking for a travel buddy to join me on the Everest Base Camp trek and to share the cost.
It’s my second time to Nepal. I have done the Annapurna trekking last year, and it was amazing. That’s when I knew I just had to do the Everest Base Camp as well!
I’m planning to start the trek on april 26th (arrive in kathmandu the 25th) and to finish it in 13-14 days.
I’m not waiting to join a organised tour, would rather go with or without a gide. I’m happy to carry my own gear.



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  1. Hi, Pippa its Vivek here I am Planning for Pin Parvati Pass trek Himachal Pradesh India on the first week of June, It is one of the most wonderful and adventurous treks covering 105km with Height of 5435m, I am going independent by just hiring porter
    we are now 2 people one from Argentina, he will join me just after finishing his EBC trek Nepal in may, we are looking for 1 or 2 more people to join us
    let me know if you wanna explore this Adventure
    cheers Vivek

  2. Hi there! I’m also planning to do the EBC hike in April. I’m from the US, but currently based in Laos until mid-April, so I’m in the region and my dates are flexible.

    I’m 30 and in decent shape, but not an experienced hiker, so I am planning to hire a porter. I don’t want to join a tour, and I’m prepared to go solo, but it would be great to have company on the hike!