Hi there!
My name is Ariana, I’m a 26 years old French Canadian girl planning on going to Nepal alone. I’ve never visited Nepal nor Asia for that matter…but I’ve been to many other places in the world! I’m very thrilled about this trip, but would love to hike along with a small group of people without necessarily booking through an agency. Although I’ve done many short treks in the past, I’ve never experienced a trek of that extent before. I’m in relatively good shape, but I’m still recovering from a road accident so it’s hard for me to predict my average pace. Ideally, I was planning to do the ACT in 15 days if possible. Haven’t made my mind about hiring a guide or not. As much as I want to encourage the local economy, I’ll be traveling on a very tight budget since I’d love to keep traveling for several months. Splitting the cost of guide seems fair and reasonable to me!

I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu in mid-October, spending a few days to explore the Kathmandu Valley area and jumping on the ACT around the last week of October. My plans are still loose so hopefully I can find some fellow trekkers to join me in this amazing adventure at some point!

Cheers and keep me posted 🙂



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  1. Hey! My names Elise, I’m from Vancouver. Our time line seems like it’s reasonably the same. I’ll be arriving to Kathmandu after Oct 23rd. I will be flying in from India where I will be completing 500 hour yoga teacher training. I would like to incorporate a daily yoga practice through out the treck.

    I as well am on a tight budget and have heard that a guide isn’t necessary for the APC. I am also in pretty decent shape but would like to take my time and enjoy the trip. I’ve never been to an altitude over 5000 m and would like to ensure proper acclimation. There are some side treks that could be of interest.
    Safe travels!


    • Guide is not necessary and you can do it on your own, but better if you girls trek together. Now there is not much traffic on the Circuit (after road construction left porters without jobs) and in some areas it feels quite isolated, when you walk through the forest all by yourself.

  2. Hey Elise,

    That’s great to hear! I’d be very keen to practice yoga through out the trek. Seems like we’re on the same vibe regarding the kind of trip we want..! I just bought my flight ticket for October 10th so I’m a little ahead of schedule. I wouldn’t mind spending more time in Kathmandou and Pokara areas while you’re finishing your Yoga training. Keep me posted on your travel plans and feel free to message me on FB 🙂

  3. Hi Ariana and Elisa!

    I’m planning to arrive in Nepal at the end of October (will be in India untill the 22nd at least) and would love to make a trekking in Nepal with some nice people to share this experience with. I like you idea of trekking but also having break days to hang out and enjoy the mountain villages, acclimatizing, side treks and I read you’re mentioning doing some yoga, I love that idea!!

    My plans are not very fixed yet, still reading about different treks and trying to figure out what suits me best. If you’re interested, please let me know your plans and maybe we can combine plans.


  4. Hi Ariana,

    I’m from the USA and my situation sounds very similar to yours. I have traveled many places, but this will be my first time going to Nepal and Asia. I am flying solo as well and would love to join other people trekking but not booking through an agency. I’m on a tight budget, but would totally be down for splitting the cost of a guide. I’ve done a couple multi day treks in Utah and Colorado so I have some experience, but I’ve never trekked at an elevation as high as the ACT.

    My plans aren’t set in stone, but I’d like to arrive in Kathmandu mid-October. I’d spend the first few days exploring the area and acclimating to the elevation, then head out on the trek.

    Would be awesome to meet up!

    • Please share your plans as i am too keen to join and i dont prefer guide or porter but trekking with a group
      Done dolpa circuit and Shey phoksundo in the past

  5. Hi

    I will be starting an overland tour in early November in Kathmandu. I would be available to do any trek of between 7-10 days with like minded people in mid October. Don’t want to waste this opportunity in Nepal. Preferably an easy enough route that doesn’t go too far above 5000.

    • Hey Peter,

      I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on October 10th. Depending on people I meet along the way, I’ll probably start the ACT around the 20th. That being said, this trek is going up to 5000. I will probably do it with a guide as it’s safer for acclimatation and a nice cutlural exchange as well. Let me know what your plans are and maybe we could set something 🙂

  6. Hey, I may be arriving around the same time as you, roughly mid October that is. Im looking for a group or whatever I can find at least, so I don’t end up hiking alone. Anyways if I have any luck on finding others at the same time I’ll pass it along. Maybe we can get a few together and do it together.

  7. Dear all, I am also interested in doing the ANC circuit. Im still flexible with dates but I plan to do this end October – beginning November. Would keep following this thread, so maybe as Ross said, we might do this together. Ian

  8. Hey Ian and Ross,

    Cathylynne and I will arrive in Kathmandu around the 10th. I will probably start the trek a week later. Will keep you posted, maybe we could all meet in Pokhara to start the trek together? There are many different itineraries that could be considered.

  9. Sounds good Ian and Ariana, Im shooting for getting there sometime between the 10th and 15th. Hopefully it all works out for a nice group then. Anyways if plans change just let me know, or if yall just want to talk about the hike!

  10. Sounds good to me as well. I am still flexible about the dates so I will plan according to your schedule. Shall we take this to a facebook chat .. to get the planning going ? Anyway

  11. Hello! I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek around the same time. Should be returning to Kathmandu after finishing the EBC Trek by Oct 8th/9th. Can start the Annapurna Circuit trek by 15th. Also planning on doing a side trek towards Nar – Phu (Manang) for 4/5 days, which requires a restricted area permit, which is given only to groups and not individual trekkers(I’ll be hiking solo). Do let me know if interested.

  12. Hi Ariana!
    I plan to arrive in Kathmandu on the 11th of Oct and starting the trek a week or so after. Would that be alright if I could join the group? I am from Estonia and I have done some 4 day treks in New Zealand but that would be new to me and it would be nice to do it with a group.

  13. Hello Everyone!

    What an amazing site this is I nearly fell over in my seat finding it! I’m from Vancouver, and I am travelling solo and am loosely planning on being in Nepal for 3 months before going on to some other travels as well. I will be completing my 200 YTT in Pokhara , ending early October. Elise it sounds like a dream come true if we are able to co-ordinate a trip or meeting up at some point!
    I would like to take my time doing the APT, and am a slower hiker with a few overnights and one multi day hike under my belt. I really am looking to enjoy the whole experience and not rush through the trail. I will also be on a budget and wanting to keep costs low, though I do see the value in a guide even if to learn more about the area!
    Between Oct 9th and end of Nov there are several trails I would like to do and have no set plans. Manaslu and possible going down into the jungle is on my list. I have very little figured out, and it may be a bit late of a start date for me to join you on the APT but if it can work out that would be amazing!
    Would be great to meet up with like minded friendly faces, anyone arriving in Pokhara I will be there from Sept 1st 🙂
    Happy Trails

    • Hey Maria! I am hopeful to set out on a trip around the 16/17 of October, and am also just starting to plan…but it sounds like we may have similar ideas.

  14. Hey Ariana,

    I’ll be in Nepal as of October 14 – coming in from India. Would like to start a trek around 17, but only have until the 29th. Would be awesome to link up!


  15. Hey all,

    I am flying out to Nepal on Oct 15th also, have done a bunch of stuff in Nepal previously. Not sure what I am planning to do when I arrive, AC seems as though it might not be worth it nowadays but keeping my options open, seems like you have a bunch of people keen already though.

    • Hey Wayne,

      Let me know if you have any plans lined up. I’m still trying to figure out exactly which trek to do, but am pretty flexible and would like to find some other folks to join. I’m free to start as of the 15th myself.

  16. Hey Ariana! 🙂 I sent you a fb message since we have the same plan. I arrive Oct 14th and would be ready to go anytime pretty much after that point once I get everything together for the trek but I’m giving myself up to a week to head out. I’m also on a budget but would be open to a guide/porter.

    Also just wanted to say hi to everyone else that has this similar plan!
    Sounds like we could get a great group of people together! 🙂

  17. Hey all , glad to be on this site. I am from Minnesota, USA will get KTM on Oct 14, planing to head AC around Oct 17- 19 after celebrating Dashain Festival with relatives in KTM. Was born and raised in Kathmandu. Traveling alone this time looking for group for 11 days, I have some contact in KTM base on group may be we can find good rate.

  18. Hey all! What a beautyfull site! I just posted the trip that i would like to do and it seems very similar to the one here! Would be great to create a nice group of people! I will arrive in kathmandu on Oct 12th and planning to start the trek around the 15th/18th. When will you start? I plan to do also some other treks during the Annapurna circuit, such as the Tilicho Tal (hiring maybe a guide). Let me know, cheerssssssss =)

  19. Hey all,
    I’m also interested in doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek in October. Would be great to join the group! 🙂
    When will you start?

    • Hey Anna,
      Have you already joined a group? I’m still trying to figure out exactly which trek to do, but am pretty flexible and would like to find some other folks to join. I’m free to start as of the 15th myself.

  20. Hey guys, I’m also interested in doing this mid-October! Is the group for this trek already made?

  21. Hello everyone.

    I’m also currently looking at doing the AC around mid Oct and would love to team up with some other like minded travellers and share the experience. I’ve done several multi day hikes (up to 9 days) but nothing this intense or this high up. I’m open to trekking with a guide or independently. Let me know if you are still looking for people. Cheers

  22. Hello everyone
    I am planning to hike ACT starting on 10/16-17th. looking for trekking partners also 🙂
    I am planning independent trip, but and take my time enjoying the trail. I would like to take some 18 days or more and take some side trips and alternatives routes. My schedule is ver flexible and I can stay longer. let me know if i can join the group at least for part of Hike .

    • Hey Victor,

      I’m looking for folks with the same dates, though I only have 14 days to trek. Perhaps we could link up for a part of the time?

  23. Hello.
    I arrive to KTM Saturday morning 15.10.2016 (and stay to 7.11.2016). I looking for trek partners for Manaslu or Annapurna circuit. I am 35y men from Slovakia.

    PS: When starting to trek? I dont know. First need permition – and then I am free to trek 🙂 Meybe 16, 17. october.

    Have a nice day. Marian

  24. We’re two friends planning to travel 
    to Nepal next month. We’re going to keep 
    the costs to a minimum and are looking for 
    travel companions who’d be interested in 
    going there with us. Dates are flexible. 

    We’re easy going and really hassle free 
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    So, if you are interested, let us know.