Hello all! I’m Louis from Singapore 🙂 Planning to travel to Nepal to trek in Mid December. Would like to have a trekking buddy for treks maybe 3-14 days. Not really experienced in trekking though haha. Probably gonna go on a shoestring budget. Hit me up please!



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  1. Hi I was gonna go to Nepal nov 23-mid December but people started warning me about winter… did you research it?

  2. Hello Louis

    Yajing here from SG as well. I also wanted to go ABC, any solid plan yet?

    • Hey Louis, Yajing,

      Planning to do the ABC trek around the same time. Most likely will be in Kathmandu on 17 Dec, use 18 Dec to sort out ACAP & TIMS permits and transport, then head on to Pokhara on 19 Dec. Most likely will start the trek proper on 20 Dec, around 9-10 days.

      Am flexible on the route to ABC and back, but will hope to maximize dramatic mountain scenery as much as possible. Will be going solo so hope to find trekking buddies for safety as winter’s apparently pretty quiet.

      Let me know if you’ve firmed up your plans and are interested in trekking together.

  3. Hi I’m from SG too. Planning to go for the ABC trek around mid december to early janish too

  4. Hey Guys!

    I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 16th December and was looking to start this trek around the 18th. If anyone is interested in meeting up for the trek send me a message 😀

    Luke – Australia