NEPAL — Dhaulagiri Base Camp / Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek, April 2019

I am looking for a really exceptional and flexible person (or at most two persons) to join me on the unusual trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp, also referred to as the Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek. Leaving in a jeep from Pokhara early on the morning of Friday, April 19, 2019. Returning to Pokhara by no later than May 1. Unfortunately I have no flexibility on the dates.

This is a really unusual trek, not described in the Lonely Planet guide to trekking in Nepal except for one paragraph. So we will have it mostly to ourselves! Vastly more tranquil than the trek to Everest Base Camp (which I have been on 9 times) or to Annapurna

I have tents, cooking equipment and other gear stored in Kathmandu from previous treks, which I can lend out. So you only need a Warm sleeping bag and mattress pad, clothes, personal items, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the ability to keep your GOOD HUMOR when the logistics go not-as-planned, which regularly happens in wonderfully unpredictable Nepal. I also am using a guide whom I have used for various treks in Nepal over the last 8 years.

I would prefer someone with prior Nepal trekking experience, but I’m open-minded about considering newcomers. I look forward to meeting the perfect person for this trek to a magical place. There is a good video of the area on You Tube at:

The portion of the trek shown in the video that we will do is from about 4 minutes into the video until 18 minutes. I am Not going to cross the river shown at 18 minutes, nor go over the pass shown later in the video. Instead we will re-trace our steps back to the road head and then take a jeep back to Pokhara by May 1 at the latest.

There is also a trip report with a lot of useful detail at
The Dhaulagiri Circuit
Again, we would only be doing the trek up until the crossing of the river above Italian Base Camp.

Send me a Private Message, and we can talk by phone or WhatsApp. Thanks!

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