Nepal (Undecided)

Hey everyone!

Apparently I have an addiction to the Himalayas, as this will be my third trek through this region. I just can’t stay away from here I guess 🙂 You are all very welcome to join me on this trip, as I value good company as much as the trek itself. I haven’t picked out a route yet, but I estimate I’ll have around 10-14 days of actual trekking time before I need to leave the country. I wish it was more, but responsibilities require me elsewhere.

While I prefer to go back to Nepal, I am also open to a hike in India or even Mongolia if you are persuasive enough.

A little about myself: I’m an American living abroad in Europe while I finish my Master’s degree. I’ve also lived in China for a bit. As the Himalayas are conveniently located between these two places, I’ve starting making them a stopover on my journeys. This trip in June will be my next stopover.

I am open to suggestions as to route recommendations. However, unless it is a restricted region that requires a guide, I want to do this independently. I enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with exploring at my own pace without a guide.
Regarding our pace, the motto that I picked up while on the Annapurna Circuit is “slow and steady”. Snack breaks are an important part of any successful adventure. If having fun and taking in the sights slows us down an extra hour, then I’m okay with that.

Also, budget is flexible.



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