Hi guys !
I am going to Peru in May (my dates are not fixed yet but my arrival date should be from May 6th to 9th) and I would like to do a trek (without a guide). I did a 14-days trek finding a partner on this website in Nepal few years ago and it went very well.
I do not know yet which trek I want to do (from 4 to 10 days), if you have any suggestion, it would be awesome !

(I filed the blanks but all the infos submitted are flexible (where the trip start / accommodation and all)



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  1. Hi Sabrina,
    My name is Shay, Ill be arriving Peru from costa rica around 1st may. Originally from Israel.
    Planning to do the Santa cruz trek 3-4 days for acclimitization and then do the 10-12 days HuayHuash trek (its one of the best in the world..). looking for partners (group size no more then 4), ideally in the HuayHuash ill hire a guide / donkey because of the camping and altitude diffeculty. the trek is mostly at 4,000 meters. I have past experiance with no guide in nepal doing the everest base camp. let me know if you want to team up.

    • Hi Shay 🙂
      I am very interested in doing the HuayHuash trek. Do you know when you’ll need to be back in Lima ? Just to make sure our dates can fit. I’ll be arriving ’round May 6th or 7 th (I’m flying stand-by so I do not know my date for sure at the moment). I haven’t done my homework yet, are there no refuges ? If we need to camp on the trek, I can split up the price for a guide/donkey. 🙂

  2. Hi Sabrina, my responses seem to not get through
    is there an email I can reach you by ?

  3. Hi Sabrina
    I will be in Peru from May 9th till May 23rd. I would like to do Salkantay trek and some day trips (or maybe trek) in Cordillera Blanca. Besides trek in the mountains I would like to visit also typical Peruvian tourist places as this will be my first visit of Peru.