Three Passes Trek

Hello! My name is Felipe, I’m planning on doing the three passes starting on the beginning of February. It would be awesome to do it with more fellow trekkers.



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  1. Hey Felipe…..Im also going to be in the area at that time. would like to partnering on 3 passes loop. could you go any earlier than 2-3?

  2. Hi Felipe

    Is this trek/plam still on. I was planning to do the same area during the last week of Jan. Let me know if we could do it together.


  3. Hi I’m also interested! are you going?

  4. Yes I am still planning and trying to make it to EBC. Have heard that the gokyo and 3 passes are going to be more difficult and dangerous. But I a still enquiring with a few folks to make it. Let me know.. If it’s a group then things are going to be a lot more easier

    Let me know

  5. I am hoping if we could depart on the last week or early February.