EBC and Gokyo

I’m looking for a partner or two to join me on a 15-day trek to EBC and the Gokyo Lakes that begins April 21st in Kathmandu.

I want to book the below trek though Himalayan Leisure Inc. Very reputable treks and guides. The trip starts and ends in Kathmandu and includes flights to/from Lukla, food, teahouses, etc. Cost is $1,058/person (all-inclusive – the only thing you need to pay for separately is travel insurance).


Let me know if you’re interested in joining!



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  1. Hi
    I would like to join you the three passes trek. I have been talking to different agencies, bit have not decided on which one to use yet. I might just figure it out when I reach Kathmandu.
    If you want to do the trek together, let me Know.
    I Think og would be great doing the trek in a group.


    • Unfortunately my schedule has changed and I won’t be going to Nepal until late April now (mostly likely starting my trek on or around April 21st). I’m also now planning to do just the EBC and Gokyo trek, not the full three passes. Sorry as I should have updated this note. If that works out for you though, I’d be happy to have you join me!