Three Passes Trek

Hi! I am headed to Nepal at the start of may. I am hoping to do the 3 Passes Trek, but since it is my first time in Nepal, I am weary of going for the trek partnerless and/or unguided.

I am planning on doing the trek in about 20-21 days, with a flexible start date on the third or fourth of May.

Anyone who has interest in trekking this, or knows any good, but cheap guides, I would love to connect!!!!!!



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  1. Hey Seth. I’m Halley, 32. I get into KMD on 2nd May. Looking to do some walking.. I know almost nothing about the routes at this point but have done heaps of hiking/solo cycling, so not clueless. Can be quite funny. Looking to buddy up with someone to share guides/laughs/silence with. Happy to go for 3 weeks or so.