Three Passes Trek

Hi there!

If the weather permits, Ill be flying into Lukla on the 24th of March. Looking to start hiking the Three Passes Trek shortly after. Twenty days is a long time to be on your own, so I would love to meet some of you along the way! Currently not looking to hire a guide porter, maybe just for the trickier parts.

I have done a fair bit of traveling and hiking so I am sort of in shape, but since I will be flying into Nepal from sea level, I will probably start slow and pick up speed as we go. I am open to join up with anyone from anywhere, I am fine being on my own, but better with some company. I speak Dutch, English, understand some German and my Spanish is a work in progress. Generally an easy going guy who likes to share a drink and a laugh. Looking for like minded souls. Moneywise Im not looking to splurge, but I am also not really on a budget.

Would love to know if you might be interested in walking together for a bit, or just meeting up along the road!

Feel free to ask me anything and get in touch!



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