Trekking in Bhutan in autumn

In autumn this year, I would like to go trekking in Bhutan. I just started looking around, trying to select some agencies. But, as I don’t want to trek alone, I’m looking for partner(s) to trek with. I did quite a few treks in Nepal and now it’s time to go to Bhutan.

I prefer to go around 3 weeks and I’m thinking of the Laya Gasa Trek. Example:
Two smaller treks are fine too or even the 30 days Snowman Trek. I’m pretty flexible. As for the date: Sept – Oct – Nov is perfect for me. Optional cultural sightseeing afterwards would be nice.


Just let me know, also if you have other ideas. Jaap



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  1. Hi. I am also planning to go to bhutan but for an easier trip with a mix of culture hikes etc. Maybe you want to meet up for a week or so. I am checking out cultural trips for a week or so. Planning to be in bangkok before and after. Travelling alone for now

    • Hi Monica,

      I will be visiting Nepal and hopefully Bhutan this October. I will be travelling alone and am looking for someone to partner up with for Bhutan because it will be nicer to meet new people and also keep the costs down. I was planning to take the flight from Kathmandu to Paro around the 22nd October.
      You might have already sorted your trip by now, but if not and consider partnering up, then please give me a shout and we could discuss further 🙂


  2. Hi Monica,

    I haven’t found the right trip yet and think that I have to postpone my plans…

    • Hi Jaap,
      I am thinking to go around the 23rd of October…just for your info. Below some info about the trip. My email is moga4it(at)

      Tour Type:
      Cultural & Nature Tour
      With the hike to the Tiger’s Nest and excursion of Gangtey and Phobjikha valleys as the highlights of
      your holiday,
      will take you through a cultural extravaganza of the valleys of
      Western Bhutan, spicy Bhutanese cuisine, culture and traditions, temples, monasteries, stunning
      landscape and warm and hospitable people. Enjoy spectacular views of the snow capped Himalayas
      from the various high mountain passes, mingle with the locals, dip in a traditional wooden tub of hot
      stones and visit awesome places and enjoy the intricate art and architecture that is evident in almost
      everything and everywhere.
      riverside and be prepared for temperate to tropical weather conditions.
      Travel Difficulty:
      6 – 7 hours of activity a day and/or elevation gain, higher altitude, longer distance, uneven terrain.
      Tour Highlights

      Tiger’s Nest/Taktsang Monastery. Hanging onto a precarious almost vertical mountain cliff,
      it’s a spectacular sight in terms of location, setting and history and is one of the holiest sites
      in the Buddhist arena.

      Thimphu Valley excursion – combination of the ancient and the modern

      Punakha valley excursion – the old capital of Bhutan

      Simply Bhutan Museum – visit a traditional farmhouse museum for a typical farm life
      experience; play archery & darts; taste the local rice/maize wine
      Bhutan Swallowtail Travels
      (Unique & Exclusive)

      Excursion of Gangtey and Phobjika valleys – one of the most beautiful glacial valleys of

      Visit Dochula Pass – 3,150 meters – enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas

      Visit TashiChodzong or the
      Fortress of the Auspicious Religion
      – the office of the Dragon King
      of Bhutan

      Traditional Hot stone bath

      Traditional farm house visit

      Practice/play a game of traditional archery

      Bhutanese cooking experie

  3. Hi Jaap,

    I’m very keen to do the Snowman Trek, if you’re still interested, in September… I’m currently on the Annapurna Circuit and entering Upper Mustang in 2 days so I might be out of contact for the following 10 days.

    Are you still planning on heading to Bhutan?

    • I should mention I’d be even more keen on leaving at the start of August. It would be a saving of $50 a day too.

  4. Hi Riley,
    I’m sorry but I’ve made other plans. I postponed Bhutan to next year (August would have been too early by the way).