Upper Mustang Trek and Annapurna Circuit

Hey all!
I am thinking about doing Annapurna Circuit this October – November and as a part of the Circle trek to Upper Mustang for 10 days.
I have 1-2 potential trekking partners, but no one has decided yet, so I am looking for possible partners.
You can sign up on the whole thing or do before and after Kagbeni leg independently.
So we start from Besi Sahar, hopefully cross the mighty Thorung La and wait for guide in Kagbeni (or if we are delayed he waits for us).
So far the lowest rates i have found are: 500 for permit, 250 for a guide (group price) and 80 (group price) for his ticket to Kagbeni and back.
Then i am guessing it will be 20-30 for accommodation, food and all per day. If Mustang is not too expensive compared to the rest of the region.
So that should cost us about 900$ from Kagbeni to Kagbeni.

I probably should mention that I have trekked Circuit twice, so you get “free guide” 🙂

Here is my classic route Annapurna Circuit



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  1. Hi Kostko, are your dates (late October) firm? I’m planning on doing the exact same but think I’ll be starting in Besi Sahar 2 weeks earlier.

    • Hello, gorgeous Joyce!
      The problem with starting two weeks earlier is that you can catch the tail of moonson in lower parts of Annapurna Circuit and up to Manang. That would ruin the beauty of this trek on the bright days with clear blue sky and snow peaked mountains on horizons. I don’t have tickets yet, but starting at the end of September does not look appealing now 🙁

    • And just to make clear we start from Besi around 13 October, and start Mustang around 22-23

  2. Hello Kostko! I would love to join you on your trip to Mustang.