Gosaikunda Trek

Don't rush, stay warm

Day 1
Bus ride from Maccha Pokhari to Dunche and it took 8.5 hours. Expect delays as buses waits for passengers. The hotels are open till 10-11 PM. Make sure to order dinner in advance as dinner time is till 9 PM. Spent night at Namaste Gosaikunda Hotel.

Day 2
Started trekking after breakfast around 9:20 AM. The plan was to reach Lauri Binayak by the evening but had to stay at Cholang Pati due to slow pace. Most of the trails is uphill. Bit relief after Sing Gompa, no uphill, till Cholang Pati. Foods are okay and I suggest you to carry some food that you love. There was a very light snowfall along the way due to cold weather, no sun at all. Hot water bag will be very handy.

Day 3
Continued trekking from 9:00 AM. You can witness great view of Lantang Lirung in the evening and in the morning. Bit difficult trail is between Buddha and Ganesh temple. It’s scary for person who has acrophobia. It just took us 5 hours to reach Gosaikunda. The day gets windy and cold, make sure you’ve got gloves and winter hat. Afternoon is not consistent and difficult to see the view of the lake. Stayed night in Gosaikunda to take some pictures early morning tomorrow. Night was very cold, personal sleeping bag and extra blanket helped to overcome the cold night.

Day 4
Sun showed up early and it made difficult to take pictures. After taking some pictures we returned back to Dunche. It took 7.5 hours to get to Dunche. As the weather was clear, the place between Ganesh & Buddha temple was perfect to enjoy Langtan Lirung mountains. Make sure you stop for half an hours and take some great pictures.

Day 5
Returned back to Kathmandu from Dunche.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Gaiters, Headlamp, Hiking Boots, Hiking Poles, Sleeping Bag, Sunglasses

Hot water bag, gloves and additional warm clothes.


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