Langtang Valley Trek

Don't miss Tsergo Ri peak.

I planned this trip for 2014 but couldn’t make it and the great tragedy happened. When 7.8 M earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, Langtang valley was destroyed by an avalanche. I saw the news coverage, blogs, pictures and videos and it was devastating. It’s been two years but more than half of the valley has turned into sandy and rocky shore (btw, water flows beneath it, scary). I had a chance to hear the story from a native trekking guide about the earthquake and how they worked together to survive next 24 hours.

The trekking was really great and enjoyed nature & wilderness. The trekking trails were ruined by recent monsoon which made trip more adventure. It was the first time that I walked straight 9.5 hours in one day (Kyanjin Gumba to Syafrubesi).

Day 1:
I and my friend started the journey from Maccha Pokhari Kathmandu. We couldn’t find bus tickets to Syabrubesi as it was Dashain (one biggest festival of Nepal) season and ended the day at Dhunche which is almost 16 KM before Syabrubesi. It took us around 8 hours to get Dhunche. We stayed a night in Namaste Gosaikuna Hotel.

Day 2:
The second day morning was wasted waiting for transportation. After waiting almost 3 hours, we found a truck and drove to Syabrubesi. The journey then started at 11 AM. After walking almost 6 hours, we reached to Lama Hotel. The half of the way was okay but another half before reaching Lama Hotel was little harder. The trekking trails were destroyed by monsoon rains but were managed temporarily.

Day 3:
The third day was a bit easier as trekking trails were better compared to the second day. I got to taste spring water once again (won’t suggest if you are new). The third day ended in Langtang Valley.

Day 4:
We reached Kyanjin Gumba at noon and checked in to Norling Hotel. We took quick rest and moved to conquer Kyanjin Ri peak which is 4400 meters high. We lost the way for a while but got back to the right direction. It took us 1 hour and 50 minutes to conquer the peak. The weather wasn’t that clear, it was all cloudy. The best time to get the clear view is the morning time. After taking some pictures we returned back to the hotel within one hour.

Day 5:
We planned to conquer Tsergo Ri Peak but the morning weather was not favourable so we decided to return back to Syabrubesi. It took us a day to get back to Syabrubesi, 9 straight hours.

Day 6:
Took a bus back to Kathmandu. Happy to see Kathmandu after 5 days.

I will be doing this trip in the winter season again for sure.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Hiking Boots, Sunglasses

Long sleeves, sun block lotion, slippers.


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  1. Sandeep

    do you have a phn numbers of different hotels there???

    • Tibetan Guest House – Sanbo Lama
      9741309687, 9741187080
      They run two hotels in two different places. Lama Hotel and Langantang Valley.

  2. Sandeep


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