Langtang Valley Trek

Enjoy the less touristic trails


I wanted to write down some information for people who would like to do the Langtang trek independently. This trek is definitely worth it if you only have 5-6 days and you want to do a trek near Kathmandu.

If you go by yourself, you need to buy a green TIMS card in Kathmandu or Pokhara for 2000 NPR. Not possible to buy this during the trek.
For the Langtang National Park you need to buy a permit in Kathmandu or Pokhara, but you can also buy one at the entrance of the park for 3400 NPR.

There is a daily bus leaving from Kathmandu at 7-7h30am. The ticket costs 550 NPR (5,5 USD) one way and you can buy them at Macha Pokhare bus station. This bus station looks super hectic as it is half on the road, but there is a tiny office where they sell the tickets where all the buses are parked. Buying the ticket one day beforehand is more than enough, or if you go early in the morning at the office itself.

The return ticket is also 550 NPR and you can buy this ticket in Dhunche or Syafrubesi, one of the common end stations to start walking towards the Langtang valley.

Despite other rumours, many lodges are open during season and even the Langtang village now has several places open. The prices are 500 NPR for a vegetarian dal bhat to give you an idea for your budget.

Again, there are more than enough lodges for the few visitors that do this trek. I never had any problem finding a place to sleep (I’ll mention later my itinerary). The prices differ between free and 300 NPR. I never negotiated or asked for a cheaper price though.

DAY 1: I started in Dunche and walked the first day to Serpagoon taking the upper route through Syafrubesi and Kangjim. This is quite a long walk and will take you about 8h of solid walking. Most people start from Syafrubesi and go to Lama hotel which is much shorter. I stayed in the fantastic Tibetan guesthouse.

DAY 2: I walked to Thangsyop and slept at the Buddha guesthouse which took about 5h.

DAY 3: Walked to Kyanjin Gompa and slept at the Hollyland guesthouse, which I do not recommend. The owner got angry on the second day because we didn’t spend enough money, even though we ate dinner and breakfast already on the first day. He kicked us out (we were the only 2 paying guests) and we ended up at the Trekkers home hotel which I do recommend.

DAY 4: Hiked up to Tserko Ri and down (7h)
DAY 5: Hiked up Kyanjin Ri and down (5h)
DAY 6: Walked back down the mountain and ended at the Bamboo hostel, which is just after the Lama Hotel.
DAY 7: Walked to Syafrubesi and then to Gonggang as I also did the Tamang heritage trek.

In total I spent about 10 000 NPR (1OO USD) for the food and lodges, so about 170 USD including the bus and permits.


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  1. Sandeep

    Did yo take visiting card at different stations?? I need numbers for different hotel and lodges?

  2. Bert

    I did, but don’t have them anymore.

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