Mardi Himal Trek

Book room in advance or you've to sleep in dinning hall or tent.

This is my short trekking ever. It took me just 5 days to complete. The best part is the sunrise and a view of Annapurna range and Machapuchre mountain. The September weather was foggy and cold all the way. I could hardly see the sun for a long time.

Day I
Reached Pokhara in the evening and did some shopping (energy food & bars) for trekking.

Day II
Reached Harichowk around 8:30 and took a bus to Kande. After 1.5 hours I reached Australian Basecamp. From this camp to Deurali the trails are okay but after passing the Deurali the trek becomes bit harder. You will find a huge jungle along the way for couple of hours and no water stream at all in the middle. Make sure you have a filled bottle of water. You need to ascend most of the way. I spent my second night in Forest Camp, with altitude almost 2500m.

Foods (Daal, Bhat, Tarkari) were okay. I asked for chicken curry but they couldn’t serve us because of less people ordered for the same. But if you ask for whole chicken they will serve you.

I had a breakfast (Chapati & Curry) and started rest of the trek around 10 AM. You need to ascend almost all the way. No water stream in the middle. Again, you need to cross the jungle. There is a blue and white paint on a trees which keeps you away from astray. After couple of hours walk, I reached Low Camp. People do stay here for a day to adjust with altitude. From this place you can return Pokhara.

After resting for half an hour, I kept moving uphill. The way from Badal Danda to High camp was foggy, hard to see anything around beside trails. Again, I hand ascend all the way till High camp.

Foods (Daal, Bhat, Tarkari) were better than Forest Camp. We stayed at Double View Hotel but had to sleep in the dining hall. The room that was booked was occupied by another person as s/he wasn’t feeling well and was unable to leave the hotel. I decided to sleep in dinning hall and it was pretty great. The hall was warm because of fire and blankets were good too. As I have to wake up early 2 AM, I hit the sack very early.

Day IV
My alarm woke me at 2 AM. At 3 AM I and other friends moved towards the sunrise viewpoint (expecting to go basecamp as well). Nobody has idea of which way to go but we decided to go with the obvious way. After couple of minutes I ask a person from one hotel and he confirmed that we are on the right way. Often time we were confused about the way because we weren’t able to find the blue/white paint. As I had the brightest headlamp in a group, I had to lead the way. Unfortunately the way I lead was shortcut, very few people’s choice. I had to use my hands as well to pass this trail. We were the first group of people heading towards viewpoint. After hours, I think, we were able to lots of lights coming towards us which gave us bit comfort but they were too far. Two lights came our direction and luckily one was the guide. We reached the viewpoint around 5:30 AM.

The view was absolutely amazing. Took some pictures and got back to hotel around 9 AM. After having breakfast we started our journey back to Pokhara. On my way, I there was an incident where two girls went missing for couple of hours. Glad they were found by the guide in the jungle. This incident was happened between Balad Danda and Low Camp. I came to know that in February the same incident had happened and the person is still missing.

By the time, I was in Low Camp. After rest of an hour, I kept descending towards Sidhing. This is a place where you can find transportation back to Pokhara. You can book a vehicle from Low Camp Restaurant. It costs Rs. 6000. So it’s better to find a group to share the cost.

On my way I met a old man who was staying along in the jungle and heard his story. Very sad to hear how he was forced to move away from home. I really had a good conversation with him. He said people from Kathmandu are good, friendly and helpful.

After reaching Sidhing in two hours, I took a vehicle with a group to Pokhara.

Day V
Took a tourist bus, back to Kathmandu.
Happy to be home.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Headlamp, Hiking Boots


Transportation cost KTM-PKR-KTM.

Transportation cost Sidhing to Pokhara - You can reserve a transportation from Sidhing which cost Rs. 6000 but if you find a team then you share per head i.e. cost/no. of people.


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